Determine Goals

We begin by working with you to determine the goals of the campaign. Are we trying to drive hundreds of millions of impressions or a few high-value leads? Our team of experts will identify what’s possible given your target audience and determine the metrics by which every element of the campaign will be tracked.


Define the Incentive

Whether it’s a discount, piece of content, contest or simply driving to purchase, we’ll conduct research to identify the messages and calls to action that will entice your target audience to act.


Identify Channels & Influencers

The digital channels audiences engage on vary greatly based on regions, gender, age and a number of other qualifiers. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Google or more, our team will define your campaign based on the channels that have the greatest likelihood of achieving your goals. If needed, we’ll identify and engage influencers and partners with enough social power to create viral exposure for our campaign. 


Launch, Track & Optimize

Finally, we skillfully develop creative, content, ads and landing pages and launch your campaign. Every element is tweaked to promote virality, increase conversion rates and inform new marketing methods that will take your business to the next level.