Core Messaging

Developing a core message will align all aspects of your messaging., and your brand will become synonymous with your values, offerings and marketplace differentiation. As companies and consumers continue to spend more time engaging with new offerings online, it’s imperative that your effectively communicate your brand value and differentiation.

Value Proposition

Succinctly communicating the value of a product or offering improves conversion rates. We will work with your team members to clearly define your value and accurately articulate why you’re a better choice than the competition.

Reason to Believe

We will help you clearly communicate the ways in which you are delivering against your value proposition. We’ll craft messaging that efficiently communicates the manufacturing processes, quality checks, hiring practices, corporate social responsibility, and more that are in place so customers can trust that you will deliver against your value time after time.

Voice & Tone

Ensuring your marketing copy — whether it's social channels, email or other, has the same voice and tone is important for brand alignment and connecting with your buyer personas. We’ll work with your team to identify your brand personality and the ideal voice with which it converses with your audience.

Segmented Messaging

Each audience segment and target market profile has different pain points and reasons for purchasing your product or offering. We’ll craft variations of your core messaging that aligns with each audience to inform your targeted campaigns.