Demand Generation

Cost effective lead generation and increased sales conversions start with a solid demand generation strategy. From social channels, to influencer engagement to killer brand aligned content that highlights your value, we’ll define targeted demand generation strategies that creates need for and shapes the overall perspective of your offerings. Our strategy will lead your targets deeper into the sales/marketing funnel or straight to purchase.

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Influencer Engagement

  • Content Development

  • Content Syndication

Lead Generation

We define lead generation campaigns based on the tactics mostly likely to attract your target audiences. From CTAs on your website to contests, gated content, webinars and events, we’ll ensure each campaign is targeted and flows seamlessly into nurture campaigns or straight to purchase.

  • SEO

  • Advertising

  • SEM

Sales/Marketing Funnels

In today’s digital world, it’s easy as ever for a consumer to engage with a new company - but the flow or funnel a lead goes through from first touch to final sale is key to actually capturing the sale.

We’ll define various, customized funnels for each target market featuring the messaging and calls to action needed to convert them at the lowest possible cost. Each section of the funnel will feature key performance indicators, so we can identify where leads are getting stuck and what elements can be optimized for better return.

Content Strategy

Far too often, companies create content because they need it right now, instead of ensuring it fits into a goal focused strategy. We ensure your content tells a consistent, brand aligned story, fits perfectly into the buyer’s journey and gets as much exposure as possible. We will create recommended content calendars based on various marketing activities to ensure your content is integrated into all aspects of your marketing campaign- from email and social media to gated content and sales support.

  • Content Development

  • Content Syndication

Nurture Campaigns

Typically, the higher the price point of a product or offering, the more nurture a lead requires before purchase. We’ll define trackable, automated nurture flows that will help increase close rates. Research and analysis will allow us to identify the most important content or promotions to feature in the campaigns based on the audiences’ unique needs. We’ll determine how often they should be touched and when they should be passed over to sales or driven to purchase. In addition to traditional email and mail campaigns, we can utilize Facebook and IP display ads to promote content to your audience as they move from investigating to making a decision.

  • Email Marketing

  • IP Display Ads

  • Social Ads

Social Media Strategy

Too many brands view social media as a must do tactic instead of developing a brand focused social media strategy that is an integral part of your demand generation and lead nurture campaigns. We’ll identify the best social media channels, types of content, times to post and ways to advertise that will educate, engage and move ideal social followers through your sales funnel to purchase your products again and again.

  • Social Media Management

Keyword Strategy

Gone are the days of a simple backend website update to take care of your SEO needs. Today, keywords should should be built into your digital market strategy to ensure your website, content and social channels are all increasing your ranking. Based on the importance of SEO to your business goals, we’ll create or update your keyword list and provide recommendations on how to utilize keywords in your everyday marketing practices to improve your search rankings.

  • SEO Strategy

Key Performance Indicators

Each tactic within the integrated strategy will be accompanied by key performance indicators. These goals will be determined based on industry standards and your current data. We recommend conducting quarterly reporting that compares progress to goals for each element of your marketing plan to determine where to pivot and where to allocate more resources based successes.

  • Tracking & ROI