Market Opportunity

We’ll get a snapshot of growth opportunities in your market - which companies or consumers are increasing their spend, which are limiting and which new markets are starting to seek offering like yours. Understanding what features and pain points are shaping buyers decision making will assist in targeting and developing the most compelling messaging and content for your marketing communications plans. We’ll review how legislation, consumer behavior, anticipated company budgets, expanding needs and other outside influences will affect your audience targeting and overall marketing program for the foreseeable future.

Competitor Differentiation

Understanding your competitors is key to effectively communicating the differentiators that make your company stand out amongst the rest. We’ll gain insight into their target market, pricing, value propositions, marketing practices and messaging. This will give us a clear picture of how much of the market you can capture based on current offerings, opportunities for expansion and what you need to do to stay relevant in rapidly changing markets.

Marketing Intelligence

We’ll identify the platforms, channels and promotions that have proved highly effective in reaching, engaging and converting your target markets. This will give you insight into new marketing programs and promotions worth investing in and how to optimize current programs, so you realize more success with your marketing campaigns.