Social Ads

With Adwords costs rising, social media can be a great place to target audiences, build demand for your products or offerings and generate leads. Based on target market profiles, we’ll define an ad strategy that hones in on those most likely to purchase at the lowest possible ad price. Some social sites even allow us to promote ads to your lead, customer or member lists.

  • Define ideal social channel including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube and smaller niche social networking sites

  • Develop content and promotion including whitepapers e-books, contests and giveaways, discounts, coupons, click to purchase or signing up for more information

  • Custom creative ad development and a/b testing

  • Aligned, optimized landing pages

SEM/Adwords/PPC Ads

Search Engine Marketing can be a great tool to drive lead generation and purchases. However, ad costs are continuing to increase as more companies add SEM to their marketing mix. This is why our team of experts is passionate about using the right combination of keywords and targeting coupled with tested and optimized ads and landing pages in order to continually lower lead acquisition costs. With this combination, some of clients are realizing up to 19% conversion rates.

  • Keywords based on your offering, geo-targeted regions, target audience, search volume and price

  • Multiple variations of ad copy in order to a/b test

  • Custom designed and optimized landing pages

  • All aspects tracked and tweaked to increase landing page and sales conversion rates

Display Ads

Finely targeted display ads are a great way to promote a product to your target audience. We start with target market profiles or customer lists in order to find those most likely to purchase. Then we define the sites they visit most frequently and serve ads accordingly.  We’ll develop various ad sizes and messages in order to test and determine which are generating the highest impressions or click-through rates.

IP Address Display Ads

Have a list you need to reach? IP display is a great way to get in front of those hard to find targets at a low cost. IP display allows us to match a prospect or customer list to their IP addresses and promote ads only on those individual’s computers, tables or smartphones. It’s a great way nurture leads or re-activate old prospect lists and drive them to re-engage with your company or organization.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is the art of serving ads to an audience who has visited your website or a landing page and driving them back to engage or purchase. These ad will follow a user and promote ads on various other websites they visit, including social channels. Retargeting ads are extremely effective at re-engaging audiences who have thought about connecting or purchasing, but need an extra push to take action.  

Content Syndication

Content syndication is a great way to promote more lengthy marketing messages, announcements and build thought leadership and demand for your brand. We’ll identify the right publications to feature your content. Both regionally and nationally, we’ll promote the content through syndication outlets and track the impressions, reach and shares to identify and compare the ROI to other marketing tactics.