Customer & Lead Analysis

Our data expert will analyze your current lead and customer databases and append data if needed, to understand the characteristics of those that are purchasing the most. This information will give you a you a clear picture of how to better target, segment and optimize your marketing strategy for greater returns.

Marketing Analysis

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to digital marketing. We’ll review analytics from your marketing initiatives to identify how each tactic performs compared to other companies in your industry. Our team will also identify which practices are generating the greatest ROI. Based on the data and our overall expertise, we’ll provide optimization recommendations that will boost the return for any under performing marketing programs and provide expansion recommendations.

Appending Data

One of the beautiful things about online marketing is the ability to target well defined audiences that are most likely buy, which generates a much better return than untargeted marketing efforts. Often times, companies have very little information on customers, so it’s hard to identify who to target or how to segment. If your database of leads and customers offers very little information, then we can match or enhance the data to identify job titles, income levels, locations and much more.

Cleaning Data

Disparate data sources with lots of duplicate information and bad email addresses can be a nightmare for companies looking to increase their revenue through marketing. We will assist you with wrangling, cleaning and segmenting the data. We’ll also provide recommendations on how to organize and track data so it can be better utilized for intel in the future.