Research & Analysis

First we identify your ideal customers, how to best communicate your value, and how to recalibrate your marketing for better return. In our experience, companies and organizations who base their marketing strategies on incisive research and analysis realize two to three times the return.

Data Analysis
  • Find out who your customers really are 
  • Optimize your marketing programs
Market Research
  • Learn how to differentiate from your competitors
  • Pinpoint the messages, promotions and channels best suited to reach your target audiences
Data Driven Profiles
  • Develop profiles with sufficient data points to hyper-target your most likely customers on any digital channel

Communications Framework & Marketing Roadmap

Based on research and analysis, we will segment your lists and map out messages that best communicate your value in the marketplace.

  • Segment lead and customer lists according to varying needs and pain points
  • Communicate compelling value in the marketplace
  • Customize messages for each segment to drive higher engagement

Integrated Strategy

Next, our team couples the research, messaging and profiles with our expert knowledge of digital marketing channels, conversion rates and ROI to create your marketing program. We’ll develop a robust, integrated strategy that is precisely tailored to achieving your goals.

Sales/Marketing Funnels
  • Map out channels, messages and nurture campaigns for each target market profile
  • Determine significant data points to track to ensure ideal movement through the funnel
Demand Generation
  • Shape the perception of your offering and build brand affinity
  • Identify the ideal combinations of content and channels to build community, interest and engagement
Lead Generation
  • Identify strategies to drive the most qualified leads to either purchase your offering
    or be contacted by a sales representative
  • Outline the channels, content and calls to action that will nurture potential customers to the point of sale
  • Define the right combination of content, promotions and incentives to retain, upsell
    and turn your customers into advocates
  • Align all campaigns with trackable, achievable results based on industry standards

Execution & Optimization

Once the strategic roadmap has been defined, our team of experts will build compelling creative and messaging, as well as launch, automate and test every element of your marketing program. Data will drive continual optimization. We’ll hone messaging, targeting, channels and tactics based on real-time results.

  • Brand focused ideation and creative that stands out from the competition
  • Optimize content and creative to drive optimal engagement
  • Ensure your advertising is targeted to those most likely to buy through in-depth, data-driven targeting
Tracking & Optimization
  • Thoroughly track and optimize every marketing tactic in real time according to results
  • Conduct A/B testing to identify the messaging and creative that generates the highest return
Reporting & ROI
  • Provide easy-to-understand metrics & analytics analysis
  • Determine lead/purchase acquisition costs
  • Provide data-driven recommendations on marketing pivots and expansion opportunities