The Secret to Growing Your Business on LinkedIn… Is You


As a business leader, you know that you have to be on LinkedIn to present yourself as a thought leader. That’s great – but how are you using LinkedIn to actually grow your business? And more importantly, could LinkedIn actually skyrocket your brand awareness and sales?

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable channels available to small, medium, and large-businesses today and it has become a vital tool for b2b marketing. Plus, it’s a clearer platform for business messaging than its competitors, as it is not flooded with personal and political posts. While most executives understand that having a presence on LinkedIn is important for their business, many underestimate the power of building their personal brand to build their business via LinkedIn.

Give Your Business a Face

Steve Jobs. Arianna Huffington. Richard Branson. Elon Musk. Sheryl Sandberg. What do all of these people have in common? Yes, they’ve built huge, billion-dollar businesses. And they’re some of the most well-known founders worldwide. In fact, these people are the faces of their businesses.

The truth is – business IS personal. People (and businesses) buy from those they feel connected with in some fashion – especially at higher price points. Moreover, people want to say that they’re collaborating with a big name… and LinkedIn provides leaders a platform to make that name.

Let’s take Arianna Huffington, for example. Founder of the Huffington Post and Thrive Global, Huffington posts – a lot. And she’s generated a following of over 6-million professionals.  

Huffington’s posts are human. She presents herself as a thought leader by sharing her personal struggles and posting content that connects with her target market. Scrolling through her feed, Huffington talks of being alive but not living, being too productive, improving relationships, and more. In essence, she’s teaching the world how to “Thrive,” and generating business as she does it.


Richard Branson is another example of a LinkedIn thought leader. As a well-known, serial entrepreneur, Branson boasts a following of over 13-million professionals. And like Huffington, Branson posts – a lot.


Branson shares his personal values, options and business updates on the channel – with a personal feel. At the same time, he presents himself as a thought leader who’s updates are relevant to entrepreneurs and business professionals. Branson talks about his books, philanthropic efforts, his podcast, lessons from his dad, and more.

Become the face of your business. Encourage your team to do the same. But first, optimize your profile, add a bio and a description. Get a solid professional profile picture and cover photo. Show the world who you are as a business leader and a person.

Tell a Story

LinkedIn thought leaders are discovering the secret to effectively using the channel – and no, it’s not regular company updates. In fact, the secret lies in putting the individual above the brand, or rather, making the individual the brand itself.

Bestselling author of “The LinkedIn Code,” Melonie Dodaro writes about the power of individuals, rather than company updates saying, “Company pages are not a big deal and they often don’t generate tangible results.”

She goes on to say that people want to deal with people – and not logos. And she notes that company pages are passive, while individuals are active, inspiring others to take action.

Founder of BAMF Media Josh Fechter is a mastermind in using LinkedIn to present himself as a thought leader and more importantly, generate leads. Fechter recently published his ebook “LinkedIn Influencer,” detailing how he did it.

Fechter takes reading into the steps it takes to build influence – from publishing viral LinkedIn posts to following-up with quality inbound opportunities. His model is seemingly informal, but in actuality, his approach is highly strategic.

He posts daily stories on LinkedIn to walk his audience through his wins and losses, offering insight into daily struggles. He regularly provides free gated content – from ebooks to plugins (on how to formulize storytelling content on LinkedIn). From there, he’s able to follow up with potential leads via individual LinkedIn messages and Facebook drip campaigns.


Start a Conversation

Fechter’s key to crazy engagement and sales via LinkedIn? He starts a conversation, detailing relatable scenarios and encouraging others to do the same. Plus his posts invoke emotion, giving his audience a personal connection to what he is saying.

Perhaps that’s why Fechter generates 90 percent of his leads from LinkedIn – individuals are driven to work with him on a business level because they already feel a connection. They are driven by emotions, conversations and shared experiences. Business IS personal.

Grow Your Business

Your business has a face. Your profile is optimized – you’re posting personal stories and start conversations. Ready to grow your business?

Make note of those who are regularly engaging with posts and reach out on a personal level. Offer free gated content – and use the email addresses for lead reach out. Retarget your LinkedIn connections through Facebook ads. Get creative to continue to build your community, your tribe on the platform. And keep at it – LinkedIn thought leadership is a long-term strategy. You are not going to go viral and immediately triple your business in a week – it may take a year or more of regular hard-work.

Need help growing your business on LinkedIn in a cool and authentic way? We’re happy to help. Meet one of the faces of Digital Brinq and let’s move forward together.